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ShivEx is a pseudonymous marketplace of bitcoin. How about a platform with all dynamics cleared to buy and trade satoshi at ease? And it's us.


BruhEx is a pseudonymous marketplace of Alt Coins. There’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than BTC. Are you looking for a place to invest in alt coins? we are the ones to contact.

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Easter Egg

Easter eggs are the crypto treasure, hidden inside the digital planet. Collect the clues and crack the path to this treasure. Nomads brace yourself.

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Available Positions: 3

Crypti needs a nomad who understand and analyze the market value
and able to execute trades in Praja’s decentralized exchange.


What you can expect? 

Crypti teaches you how to execute the trades, how to analyze the value proposition of the coin. How to maintain the trade pairs like ETH/PJ. BTC/PJ. Can also learn some tips to make profits for your own trades.

Interested people can go ping Crypti personally, and Nomads, you know who he is!