Anxious to receive a package with high privacy??
Here’s the Decentralization, PACK’AGE permits you to select a node (a random human) to receive your packages behalf of you.
If you wish to receive a package anonymously for the sake of privacy…
PACK’AGE node helps to receive your package
Schedule an order yourself , thanks to a node identity/address info .
Just relax....
Node will do everything from scheduling to dropping package at your address.
Set a virtual meeting with him to pick your package hand to hand.
If you need >1 node , just enter the weight of the package to recalculate the average delivery price.
Act yourself as a node and get paid for that service. As a node you have your own policy rules regarding that service.
You can choose the service either knowing the package content or without knowing at all in agreement with the final receiver .
Your Pack’ will take Age!